JULY 1ST 1901

Surprisingly, apart from the photograph, little information is available.

Group standing on left: Far left – Bill Simm, 2nd left – Adam Ingram, 3rd left – Enos Laye

Adam Ingram and Enos Laye were seen by Maud Karpeles when she visited Abram in 1932 – Bill Simm was already dead by then.

Front row seated: Middle – Bill Blakely, 2nd right – Jim Shuttleworth

Middle row seated: 2nd right – Bill Hatton, 3rd from right – Peter Grimshaw (brother-in-law of Jim Shuttleworth)

Back row seated: 1st left – possibly Frank Molyneux (father-in-law of Cllr. William Wright)   3rd from left – Shuttleworth (forename not known)

Pole Bearer – possibly Elisha Brook

Joe Hart is presumably also on the photograph (since Maud Karpeles mentioned him). He was born in 1881 and the Mr and Mrs Hart who provided the meal for the dancers at the Red Lion in 1880 were his parents, John and Mary.  He was said still to have the “garland” in 1932. Joe Hart was very well known in Abram as he was the Council plumber but surprisingly no-one has yet been able to identify him as being on the photo.

Peter Grimshaw (who was aged 17 in 1901) was later landlord of the Bucks Head until his death in 1942 at the age of 58. His widow and later his daughter continued to have the pub until 1976. Peter Grimshaw’s daughter (an Abram Rose Queen in her time) has come to watch the dancing in the early 1990’s. (See photo) She remembers her father dancing around the maypole which stood on the Morris Dancers’ Ground in about 1913. However, it was definitely maypole dancing and not the Morris Dance.

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