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January/February 2013

The banking between Park Lane and the Morris Dancers' Ground which was originally thrown up many years ago to prevent unauthorised vehicular access to the area had become very overgrown and in parts had been degraded to an extent which allowed motor bikes and even 4x4 vehicles access to area around the ground. This had caused many problems over the years but it has now been removed and a substantial metal fence has been erected along the edge of Park Lane in its place giving more open views of the Morris Dancers Ground for residents of the houses erected a few years ago across Park Lane.

July 2004

Three benches have been installed in the corners of the Morris Dancers' Ground and an information board has been erected by the kissing gate.

Earlier reports appear below, latest first.

March 4th 2004

We've just heard that our application for a Community Chest grant from Wigan Council for the provision of benches and signs at the Morris Dancers Ground has been approved. The grant also includes money for the purchase of a display cabinet for the Maypole head which will be sited in Abram Library.

October 2003

We spent a Sunday morning clearing weeds from round the outside of the Ground and planted 750 daffodil bulbs around the fence and on the roadside banking before visiting the Village Club for a welcome pint!

June 24th, 2003

The turf has now all been laid and is being thoroughly watered every day! The new maypole has also been tested in the original socket. The next major job is to lay a concrete path from the roadway down to the gates.

June 17th, 2003

The fence is now finished and the two gates are being erected (a kissing gate for general access and a lockable gate for maintenance access). A further layer of top soil is being spread before the turf is laid later this week.

June 12th, 2003

Now that the Ground has been levelled and the Maypole stone has been replaced in the centre, work has begun on erecting the fence. The first sections are in place and the entire fence and gates should be finished in the next couple of days.

June 9th, 2003

The whole site has now been leveled which involved raising one area of the site approx 2 feet! After this was completed the top soil has been spread to a depth of 4 to 6 inches and is now ready to receive the turf. However, this won't be done until the fence has been erected which is due to take place in the next few days.


Great excitement was caused by the discovery of the original maypole mounting block, a huge block of stone with a 3 inch diameter hole drilled through it. This had been removed during the initial site clearance but has now been returned to the centre of the Morris Dancers Ground to await its new maypole.

May 23rd, 2003

Work has begun on clearing the site. The preliminary leveling has now been carried out, the old tree stumps grubbed up, rubbish cleared and the surrounding banking built up and squared off. Unfortunately, there has been persistent heavy rain over the past few days so further progress has been delayed for a short while.

May 12th, 2003

Work is due to start on the restoration in the next few days! The fencing and other materials have been ordered and the surveying and leveling of the site should begin later this week.