Boundary Signs


In January 2002, working in close consultation with both Abram Community Link and Abram Morris Dancers, Wigan Council erected new boundary signs on the three roads that enter the village, one at the boundary with Platt Bridge, one opposite the Queens hotel in Bickershaw Lane and the third at the bridge over Aye Brook on Warrington Road near the Dover Lock Inn.

The Maypole logo is based on the portable Maypole carried by the Abram Morris Dancers, but is also intended to act as a reminder of Abram's past as a mining community, in particular by remembering the Maypole Colliery. The design also features flowers in 'canal art' style, a pointer to Abram's proximity to the Leigh Branch of the Leeds and Liverpool canal which runs parallel to the main road through the village until the road crosses the canal at Dover Lock.

The sign at the Platt Bridge boundary

Waiting to cross the road to get to the Queens Public House!

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